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  1. Hello, grew up during that same time in Westchester. Grew up on Haviland in the Vista del Mar section. We left in ’67 then moved ironically to a home on DeHaviland street which is now part of Neilsen field by Parking Lot C . We got bought out in ’73 and moved to West L.A. I remember as a kid the Mayfair market, Woolworths/Woolco, The JC Penny, Pizza Cat, Thrifty Mart, Zaff’s Fountain (the old Cliffhouse).

    We had a great time skateboarding down Sandpiper and just surfing and hanging out. I live there now the past ten years and you don’t see any more camaros parked on front lawns and white-rock roofs anymore…it’s sad, it’s pretentious and overgrown with yuppies in Range Rovers. The Bristol Farms is nice though…thinking about moving to Kauai.

    Many more memories. Will share later.

  2. Went to Westchester for a brief period though hung around the Marina Fountain before Zaff took it over from Ralph and his wife. Hickman Chevron was across the street and gas was 25 cents a gallon.

    Also hung out at “The Tree’s” up on Manchester Blvd across the street from the 76 gas station. “Club 76 racing Team” raced out at Lions Drag Strip in Long Beach then.
    John Derocko & Ernie Kiela.

    Surf’d with Jerry Booth (RIP), Tom & Jim Overlin (RIP) and many other’s from the surrounding area with some getting on the Dewey Weber Comp Team. Bob Cates, Dennis Erde,
    The Maquistian brothers, etc.

    Woodies, 57 Chevys, and the Drive Inn in Culver City were the norm. Chasing waves up and down the coast as “surfers” was “bitchen”.

    I got kicked out of the Freshman “Howdy Hop” for “dirty dancing” along with another guy named Tom. lol

    Westchester had some of the hottest wahine’s going as did St. Bernards.

    Hanging out at Tiny Naylors in the evenings or going up to the Witch’s Stand on La Cienega or the A&W out on Hawthorne in my 1964 white Stingray looking for races.

    It’s all a blurrr…..
    some fun times for sure…
    Aloha from Kauai

  3. I found this blog while looking for information on Mayfair Market in Westchester
    I was an only child who grew up in Westchester and lived there from 1953 to 79. My family was composed of my mother, grandmother and uncle and my home was on Will Rogers Street between Emerson and Liberator. The backyard of the house overlooked a small creek which later became Lincoln Blvd. In that creek tadpole hunts took place on a regular basis and, when it rained hard enough, the water would swell and canoes with young adventurers would paddle by. When the airport expanded in the early sixties that world disappeared but the creek remained next to the new north runway, fenced off as it was now on private property. It is hard to tell people of that time now as most think of Westchester as part of Los Angeles and Los Angeles as a vast urban area. However in my years since I’ve come to see it almost as a midwest small town near the open countryside. Instead of going into detail I’ll mention the stores in downtown that meant so much to me at the time:Toy Palace, a small shop with a great collection of die cast cars that wasn’t around long; Rosies, which was the foreruner of The Korner Deli and where my mom and I had special occasion meals; Curries, an ice cream shop nearby where I can still taste the vanilla they had; The Palace Barber Shop which I hated at the time because haircuts were seen as an act of conformity; Ray’s Pet Store where I bought my first pet in 1963, a duck which lived until 1979; Marina Federal Savings which became Home Fed where I opened my first savings account; the Paradise and Loyola movie theaters and the love for the movies they created for me; the lunch counter at Newberrys that had my favorite hamburger; Pizza Napoli which, to this day, is still my favorite thin crust pizza of all time. The fact that the family that owned it was Italian by way of Naples and New York certainly had something to do with it. My mom would often bring home a pizza after work as she was too tired to cook after a long day. I will leave it at that for now but there is far more.

    • You’re so right Mike, there is so much more, I’ve been reading & posting for an hour now and I can’t say enough. I’m just gonna’ go with names here. I lived at 6420 w 90th St. My friends Carl & Steve Jensen lived on Will Rogers, as well as The Jacksons, Chris r.i.p and his little brother, The Boyd family lived on my street Karen, Kurt, their older brothers who were too cool to know, The Wetzels also lived on 90th. Billy LaPanza lived over on the next block towards 88th. The Haro family…etc. I remember being back there some jeez, 20 years ago now and seeing the last hold outs with their neat lawns among the razed houses & empty lots. The empty Broadway, The Loyola turned into some lawyers offices or something, I was saddened for a bit, then I went over to Don’s Deli & had corned beef hash & eggs, walked out into the hazy mid morning sun, listened to a 747 take of & remembered that whatever it’s become it will still always be home.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hope it brought back some good memories for you. I wanted to mention one other business that had meaning for me, Jerry’s Liquor. It was located on the same block as Westchester Music, halfway down the street walking towards Biffs Coffee Shop. This was a destination for all the Will Rogers Street boys, who met there to plot out what to do that day, especially during the summer when school was out. Jerry and his wife were an Asian couple that owned the store. Jerry was friendly after he got to know you but always kept an eye on you if you were new as he was concerned about shoplifting. He was a fixture in the neigborhood and the go to place for getting the deposit back on soft drink bottles and buying new ones.

    • As like a six or seven year old I used to buy the gum sticker packages at Jerry’s with the Ed Roth hotrod monsters on them. I lived on 90th st. My friends Carl & Steve Jensen lived on Will Rogers along with Chris Jackson (r.i.p.) & his little brother. Steven Smith lived up at the end by the golf course. I walked down Liberator everyday to go to Visitation. The Boyd Family lived up the street from us, Kurt, Karen, and many surf older brothers.

  5. I lived in Westchester from 1947-1965. I attended Kentwood Elementary, Weschester Jr. High, & Westchester High, graduating in 1957. I was one of the first employees to work at the Sav-On Drugs. I have lots of fine memories growing up in Westchester on 83rd st. I currently live in Highland, Ca. I often recall the fun times hanging out at Tiny Naylor’s, the Loyola theater, Paradise theater, the Clock drive-In, & the Hamburger Handout when it first opened. I too spent many summers at the Playa Del Rey beach near the bridge over to Venice, and the Venice Canals. Before we moved to Westchester, we resided in Santa Monica at the Surf Rider Inn motel, adjacent to the Santa Monica Pier. The Muscle Beach era was fun times, and the original merry-go-round was a blast trying to catch th gold ring for a free ride. What else can be said regarding the good time of the fifities growing up.

  6. From Kent Irwin
    I lived in Westchester from 1950 to 1964 when I went into the Air Force.
    Playing basket ball with Dennis Erde on the same team. He was a head shorter
    than the guy he was going to tip the ball off with. Dennis said I can out jump
    him. I watch as the tip off went down. There goes Dennis pushing off the
    top of the foot of the other guy. Sure enough he got the ball to me.
    I had a 1955 Ford. The 1st day at Westchester High I drive up with my new
    car ( used ). It had a whistle sound coming from under the hood. Some would ask if
    I had a blower under the hood. Of course I said yes. A few weeks later while
    cleaning the engine I found an air leak in the carb. I repaired the air leak, there
    went my blower sound.
    The hamburger handout was nick named the club 19. Because of the 19 cent
    hamburgers.A pine float was a tooth pick in a glass of water.
    Going to the beach was a must in the summer time.
    Graduated Feb. 1962. Worked at the big donut drive-in, in Culver City. Just
    worked there on week ends.
    Draged raced agaist Tony Hamiton who had a 56 Ford. I won.

  7. Form Bruce Jones
    Interesting stuff. I lived in Westchester in the late ’40’s to the early ’50’s. My Mother worked at the Manveda Drive in. Much later it became Tiny Naylors. I remember sitting in the drive-in watching them build the Loyola Theater, eating a 35 cent hamburger. The 5 and dime store was Quigley’s. The department store was Millirons. There was a miniature golf course on the S.W. corner of Manchester and Sepulveda, across from the Loyola. The Sports store was The Sports Den, where I got my first bicycle. Later graduated from IHS, hung out at the Wichstand, the Clock, etc. BTW, had an argument with my brother. He says the Clock was on Centinela and La Cienega. I say it was on Sepulveda, just before north of Rosecrans. Any other guesses?

  8. Hi my name is Sharrie Williams, I graduated from Culver High in 1965. I have a blog called Saffrons Rule.

    Does anyone remember Howard Gertz from Westchester High. I dated him when I was 16 and wrote about him in my 1964 diary….. which is the what Saffrons Rule is all about.

    Thanks so much, and your blog is wonderful

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  10. Chuck Bauer

    Thank you everyone above for your comments about local stores, shops, restaurants, theaters, banks, and just driving around. They all have just made my day for they are a walk through memory lane. I lived in Westchester from 1952 to 1965 attending St Bernard’s High School and later Loyola University — now LMU. I get back to “town” only occasionally — we now live in Alexandria VA.

    Let me add a few items that you folks either forgot and just didn’t recall. I’ll add Joe Petrelli’s Airport Cafe now George Petrelli Famous Steaks to the list of restaurants, the Big Donut in Inglewood to the list of breakfast cafes, and the Broadway and Thrifty Drugstore to the list of now forgotten retail stores. The Church of the Visitation is now almost unrecognizable, and it was a big community center during my times there — as some of you might recall.

    My brother Reg, who just passed away for those who may know my family, returned from Harvard Medical School to do his residency at UCLA in 1970s, finally establishing his medical practice at Kaiser Permanente where he retired as the Director of Emergency Medical Services. He lived in Palos Verdes Estates and if he were still around he would have contributed much more than I can to this helpful blog. He loved this area!

    Then there were long time buddies of my brother and me, namely Tom and Tim Litty, Bill and Everett Fields, and Richard Nichols that I hope someone might recall. We did the cruising around Culver City, Marina Del Rey, etc. that Mike (above) speaks about with these guys as well as others.

    I can’t exit this page without talking about the wildlife — no not the ladies — that I miss seeing when I return to Westchester. As my family lived next to the Hughes Canyons, I regret not coming in contact with Road Runners, Gardner
    Snakes, Scorpions, and Owls that we occasionally saw in the hills in back of our house on Cowan Avenue. Then there are the fish we caught off the Marina del Rey Pier and tidal rocks that I wish to salute: the Bonitos, Albacore, Perch, etc. God the corn grown and sold off the Hughes properties around Lincoln Blvd for 5 cents an ear – still make my mouth water. (What ever happened to 25 cents per gal gasoline?)

    The only current attraction that beckons me back to “Town” is the In and Out Burger on Sepulvada Blvd. Unfortunately the airport has taken over our Town; it’s now a place just to drive through on the way to the Airport; for us who read and write in this blog, that’s a shame as we all have various memories of the walk from the Loyola down to the Paradise Theater.

    Thanks for reading this;

    • I remember it all. My parents owned Hill Top Cleaners at 7616 Sepulveda in Westchester. I went to Westchester Lutheran School, across the street from pre school through the 6th grade. Though I went to Culver High School, I only dated guy’s from Westchester. Including Howard Gertz, Dave Kendal, Jon Mulsted and Al Hall. I should have gone to Westchester’s reunion last year. I love your blog. I’m also the author of The Maybelline Story. and am part of the Maybelline family.

    • Gary Wilcut


      I lived in Westchester circa 1948 to 1963, My family lived on 88th PL, Just behind Newberry’s DEPT Store.

      You and I attended Visitation Grammar School together and earned our Eagle Scout Badges together in 1957. I am currently in touch with Mike Dwyer, Joe Heinz, Tom Cano and Roy Wilms, all members of our troop. I later attended St Bernard High School, Playa Del Rey, where I meet Tom Lally and John Ernst. We too shared a love of the sea and fishing. However,
      we became shin divers and would enjoy spearfishing. We formed a spearfishing team in high school and competed in Southern California spearfishing contests. John Ernst went on to become a legend in the sport by wining several US National Championships.

      Thanks to everyone contributing to this blog it ring back a lot of happy memories.

      • Gary

        Thanks for contacting me via the Westchester Blog — what a happy surprise.

        In December 2013, my wife and daughter returned to Los Angeles for a family reunion — as mentioned in my blog piece my brother Reg passed away in July.
        We spent New Year’s day driving around “town” that included a trip by what remains of all the retail stores, restaurants and former theaters in “town” mentioned in the blog. A trip to the local In-N-Out Burger for lunch was the highlight of our trip.

        LMU has taken over the mountain top that friends and I used to hike around looking at the animals, fossils and the sights, especially those city lights shinning in the evening sky. Not much to show my girls now, just concrete and the usual university architected buildings.

        Then, a trip to SBHS and Westchester High School, what a sight — fields again where there were houses in the 1960s; the LAX run way rather than the missile base; and then nothing else has changed, condo apartments, rentals and the street with a distinct mid 60’s feel. SBHS has the familiar buildings and field; but they look now rather dingy and outdated. Off to Playa del Rey and the Beaches; but I couldn’t recognize them either.

        So the Westchester blog is a very friendly and familiar place where I can find you and perhaps some of my friends, but certainly many folks I’ve likely never met who nonetheless share the same memories of “our town” as me.

        When in the DC area, do give me a contact via ( as I’d like to introduce my family, home and this exciting city to you. Best

        Chuck Bauer

    • Hi Chuck , did Rich Nichols have a daughter named Patty that I was in school with until the fourth grade at Visitation that I was secretly in love with? I recall Her falling out of a tree and landing on Her head and She was in a bad way for a long time. This would have been between 1969 and 1971 when we moved to the palisades.

    • We used to see them harvesting corn in those flats on the way to our grandparent’s houses in Santa Monica and the Palisades. The odd helicopter test run. My Mom would take us to Pioneer bakery in Venice and stop at Lopez to buy corn on the way back to 90th street, the “Fields” you see now… I was down there several years ago and while our house may be gone, the tree I climbed in our backyard as a kid (which my Dad planted) is still there, just behind the chain link fence where Will Rogers street used to be. Watching Jets rev up and take off or land from my tree, man, I felt like I was close to the action! Especially when one would miss at 3 am and hit the throttle, a couple hundred feet over our house! After we moved to the Palisades in ’71 the Credes up the street moved over to Kentwood and they had a pool table in the garage which they had paneled. Blending in perfectly with the paneled wall they had a poster of an L1011 coming in through a window. So perfect it looked like it could actually be real. That is the Westchester I love. Not perfect, but my foundation. As a kid, Westchester was a goldmine of things to do and trouble to get into, crawling through storm drains across Lincoln from Will Rogers to get UNDER the north runway, buying giant balloons at Woolworth’s and small ones for water balloons. Bringing home puppies from Save-On , Lum’s “Beer Steamed” hot dogs. Karls Toys, the hippie “Temple of Good Things” (bought my first incense there along with a cool poster) Pier One when it was just some local import freak show. The list goes on and on. Thanx for your posts they have surfaced memories that haven’t been given any thought for years, and they deserve to be thought of because they are the best of memories.

  11. When I moved into Westchester, we were Los Angeles 45. We officially became Westchester 90045 about 1970. Although we still are part of Los Angeles, so are Westwood, Hollywood, etc.. You wouldn’t call them Los Angeles 90024 or Los Angeles 90028. So let’s be proud and always call ourselves Westchester, not Los Angeles.

    • Even though life has brought me to Lake Tahoe, I’m always from Westchester! The earliest numbers I remember are 6420 w 90th St. 90045 and 213-645-8429 on my delirious deathbed I will probably call out those numbers for my Mom to come help me. Throw yer set in the air!

  12. Vincent Migliazzo
    We moved to Westchester in 1950.. After much remolding we still live in this old lovely homee.. Alll of our kids went to Westchester Schools. It has been and still is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

  13. At the time I never thought that the exspansion of the airport would wipe out one of the koolest places in L.A.thank God they left the beach. I was in my senior year and I can remember when pope [kahapea] arrived on the surf scene ,a real hawaian ,it only made it better.jerry booth, mike mcgurk where beach and running buddies , bob cates was also there,and a guy named brian that lived right on the creek,what a crew. ditching school to ride waves, yea.

  14. When my family relocated from overseas in 1964, we first moved to Windsor Hills but I and my brother were fortunate enough to be able to attend Westchester High (this was during ’64-’65 during the Watts blowout.) A few years later I was old enough to go into the Marines and after returning from Vietnam I moved back to Westchester and stayed there until I got married in 1980 and we moved to a more rural environ to raise our family.

    So many memories… Thank you!

    (Don’t we all wish we had taken more pictures back then?)

  15. Hi Tim Mika here,
    I lived at 6420 w 90th street from about 1962 to 1971. My former house is now a buffer zone, but the tree in our old backyard is still just off the new road they cut in north of Lincoln later on. I found your site because I was looking for a photo of the Mayfair Market that we (my mom) shopped at when we were kids. One of my earliest memories is of my Dad waking me up around 1am to watch the Mayfair burn down,probably around 1965. I remember sneaking in there a few days later and smelling the carnage of a fire. I will never forget it. Oddly enough, when they rebuilt and were having a grand opening, my mom and little sister marypat were passing by and they grabbed her to help cut the ribbon for a pic for the paper! That is what I was looking for when I found you here. I went to school for kindergarten @ Emerson Manor, then Visitation ’til 4th grade, when we moved to the Palisades after the airport bought our house.Those were my kid days and I remember them so fondly… buying gum with Ed Roth monster hot rod stickers at the liquor store, the loyola & paradise theaters.(summer movie matinees) ,the Pier One when it was just a crazy hippie store! The pool in summer at the park. I took swimming lessons at the swim school on Manchester. One of our favorite things was when Mom was too burnt She would pack us in the car and we would go to what I think was one of the first McDonald’s over by La Tierja for some reason I always remember that Tarbell Realty was right next door, and, if I remember correctly the Revell slot car race track was on the other side. Anyhoo I’m rambling because I was just thrust into a 50 year old time warp. I’m gonna read some of these posts and come back and maybe remember the Centinela Drive in theater and popcorn popped at home and put into a grocery bag to save money when we got to go there!

    • So funny! I totally remember Tarbell Realty. Do you remember instead of going all the way on LaTijera to the McD’s that you went down that alley. Do you remember the carousel in McDs?

      • We bought our Westchester home in 1966. Dave Tipton, from Tarbell Realty was out agent …still live in the same home and still have the door knocker on the front door that he gave us as a home warming gift.Jack

      • I am still amazed to view the expansive growth of the LMU campus.I have read Fritz Burns and his real estate partner both donated millionsto their alma mater. I often think how lucky the kids were who livedclose enough to the LMU so they could walk to classes and still live at home. Cutting out the room and board fees made the tuition fees doable for so many of the Westchester families.I always enjoyed attending the LMU chapel for Sunday Mass.In the 1960’s there were no security gates so you could access the campus without being a student.Yes, those were the days .Phil Ankofski ~ Dublin , Ohio

  16. I grew up in Westchester I lived on Denrock Avenue I went to Cowan Avenue School, Orville Wright and Graduated from Westchester in1972I remembered going to Hartfields and The Broadway moved to Bristol RI in 2007 went through two hurricanes and a snowstorm which would cause you to move to Scottsdale Arizona

  17. When Fritz Burns and his partner began developing Westchester at the close of WWII , they must have taken into consideration some of the major negative elements with their neighbors to the south.
    The airport already was expanding as was the Hyperion water treatment plant in El Segundo. Oil fields and refineries were nearby as well to the south.
    My thinking is that Mr. Burns opted to focus on a middle class housing development rather than something more upscale like Brentwood.
    How fortunate for us ! Not only did Mr. Burns do a fabulous job on the master plan with affordable bungalows , he allotted generous properties to the Catholic Archdiocese for parish churches and schools. And all within a short bicycle ride to the Pacific Ocean !
    I still find it remarkable that so much Westchester and South Bay real estate was devoted to the middle class because of it’s close proximity to the ocean.

    My aunt and uncle with their three daughters comprised the ” Ankofski ”
    family on McConnell. The three cousins were Nancy, Joni and Carol Ankofski.
    They all attended Visitation for grade school, and then chose either Saint Bernard HS or Westchester HS. ( 1953 thru 1969 )

    After my high school graduation in Detroit, this family offered to sponsor my relocation by giving me room and board until I found a full time job in the area which took six weeks. The Airport Marina Hotel at Lincoln Blvd. hired me in as a part timer in the dish room. I could walk to work. ( July, 1964 )
    Just a few weeks later I was hired in at Woody’s SmorgasBurger in Culver City.
    This job allowed me to move out from my aunts home.
    I found a room rental on Fordham Ave. which ran along the west side of the Loyola University. After Sunday Mass at the Loyola Chapel, I would walk
    over to the cliff that overlooked the Hughes Aircraft Co runway and watch the test aircraft takeoff toward the ocean. I felt like a spy.
    Since Loyola was a private school, I did not entertain thoughts of attending
    there. SMCC was just fine with a $7.00 semester fee.

    I have enjoyed reading the names of all the retail stores on Sepulveda including the Woolworths were my aunt worked for 27 years.
    Westchester Music is where I purchased the now valuable Ronettes LP album with the misprinted label on the record. Yes, I still own it !

    In the mid sixties, the Loyola theater offered the closed circuit broadcasts of the Indy 500 races. I could not wait till the damn race was over so we could get over to the Red Onion for an awesome Enchilada dinner.
    Tiny Naylors was the hangout for a few of the original female Mousekateers
    which was really cool as they were now REALLY grown up.

    SavON drugs allowed the young babes to shop while in their bikinis.
    Currently ( 2015 ) the feeling is about the same because the girls are having so much fun with the yoga pants minus underwear.
    LAX was always a fun place to spend free time in the evenings. Parking was free and there was free public access to the terminal rooftops to watch the arrivals and departures. People watching at it’s best !
    Marina del Rey was opening new restaurants, lounges and clubs to cater to the jet set / sail boat crowd. The ” Pieces of Eight ” was a fabulous dinner house and cocktail lounge. Talk about a generous “pour” on the drinks !

    I myself was in the Westchester/Playa del Rey area from May,1964 until
    October, 1970. I turned 21 in the summer of 1966.
    I cannot fathom another place where I would have enjoyed my young adult years more. I thank the Lord daily for the Google and Bing mapping sites so I can continue to monitor the changes that continue to occur in the area.

    I will continue to monitor this site as well in case I have more to contribute.
    Plus, I will spread the word to others regarding this site.
    August , 2015
    Phil Ankofski

    • Phil: How nice and thoughtful of you to discuss your memories of “home town”. My read was most pleasant recalling through your comments my memories of the stores, shops, colleges and those past times and likely different friends. Thanks for taking me through that journey.

      Best wishes

      Chuck Bauer LMU BS ’65 7560 Cowan Avenue

      Now Alexandria VA


      • Hello Chuck,My little contribution was my pleasure. I look forward to posting additional comments and quips in the future.Phil AnkofskiCurrently in Dublin, Ohio

      • I grew up on Denrock Avenue and I have fond memories of Westchester going to the Loyola Theatre with my friends and playing in the canyons.

      • My earliest memory was about 1950 when my sister married and was looking for a home in Westchester. I still remember the sidewalks with the lack of curbs from that search …something I’d never seen before.I grew up in Santa Monica and visited both Westchester theaters (Lloyola and Paradise) with dates in the early 50’s.In 1953/4 when ever it rained, my buddy and I would take his ’39 Ford woody (exaust pipe to top of car) to Sepulveda & Centinela and push stranded cars out of the flooded intersection for $2 a shove.When we moved to Westchester in 1967, I would take our sons to the polywog pond at the same intersection.Jack

  18. I am a real big fan of the web mapping sites so I looked up both Cowan Ave
    and Denrock Ave. and found they are just four blocks apart.
    That’s close, but when you are growing up that doesn’t mean you know everyone …… even four blocks away. In the previous postings here, I noticed many of the commenters were naming Will Rogers as their home street or reference point. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to reconnect
    with Chris Pingel via the internet. Chris and his family also lived on Will Rogers
    but on the side that was lost to the airport.
    I have invited Chris to join us and I am sure he will and perhaps his brother Steve will too.

    On a site like this, it is always wonderful to see new commenters who share the same feelings for the topic at hand. Of course many changes have occurred in Westchester over the last 50 years, but remember ….. one can ALWAYS
    proceed west on Manchester Blvd. until you reach the crest of that hill and
    are then presented with the awesome Pacific.
    This scene is burned in my brain from May of 1964 when my cousin Nancy
    and her fiancé took me on my very first tour of the coast.
    Thank you Nancy, and your family too.

    I passed the ” Trees ” section of Manchester several times every single day.
    This is where the guys loved to park their hot new cars under the shade trees
    and give them a light coat of wax. There were the Mustangs, Chevelles,
    Firebirds, Camaros, Chargers and Baracudas. Once in awhile there would be a Corvette. As for me, I was driving my 1957 Ford Skyliner. Normally, a guy with a car that old would be waved off the area, but the Skyliner was the Ford model with the retractable steel hardtop. Everyone enjoyed looking this car over because of the engineering that went into that folding top..
    Anyway, I was never waved off.

    Farther east on Manchester is the Saint Anastasia Church and school.
    I attended Mass there only occasionally because I also like going to the Loyola Chapel and Saint Monica’s Church in Santa Monica. I liked the rotation.

    Ah, for the days in Westchester !

  19. The Broadway store surely helped upgrade the stature of Westchester
    compared to it’s neighboring communities. The store was a nice size and fun to shop if you were looking for brands that were not offered at Penny’s.
    I remember the rooftop cafeteria being an okay place for lunch.
    There must have been a See’s candy store nearby as well.

    A suggestion for all current and future commenters;
    When signing off, why not list your current hometown. This way we can
    learn how far everyone has ventured from the nest.
    My aunt and one of her daughters ( Carol ) lived in their home on McConnell
    for 50 plus years ! With Prop. 13 , her property taxes were almost nothing.
    Well done Aunt Marie !

    Yes, I do miss those salty air breezes passing over the bluffs of Playa del Rey.

    Dublin, Ohio

  20. Using the web mapping sites , I see that Gary and Dennis Wilcut lost their family home on 88th Place to the airport expansion as well.
    Gary had noted the property was just west of and behind Newberry’s.
    I know Newberry’s was a variety store which probably made it a direct competitor of the Woolworth store. I myself cannot remember ever shopping
    at Newberry’s. If any commenter can describe what their claim to fame was,
    well , it would be fun to learn something today .

    • Newberry’s was not only a notions store but had a pet department in the back of the store. This is where i would buy hamsters, fish and parakeets.
      Thrift’s across the street was noted for it soda fountain, cheery cokes, chocolate malts, banana splits and FRIES. Savons down the street was for ice cream and ice cream cones.

      • Hi Phil, Yes I did they were yellow and I used to wear them all the time Remember Bob’s Big Boy on Manchester that was my favorite hang out

        Scottsdale Arizona

    • Remember Wm E Phillips …it was one of the first discount houses in the country. Jack, Westchester 1/17/67 to current.

  21. Today is Saturday, August 21 …… and what a great day for a reunion in
    Westchester / Playa del Rey. And so there will be one !
    Saint Bernard HS is hosting a 50th reunion tonight for the class of 1965.
    The venue is the school gym where the usual dinner and photos will take place.

    I am sure they will have a DJ for dancing and the traditional champagne
    cocktails for toasting prior to dinner. ( steak or chicken )
    Some of these venues no longer encourage a cash bar, so I do not know
    if drinks and beer will be available.

    Extra large name tags will be offered at check in to assist everyone in recognizing their old schoolmates , buddies and ex girlfriends.
    What will be different at this reunion will be all the cell phones and iPhones
    which did not even exist at the last reunion.
    I would bet each person will pull out their unit at least once during
    the evenings festivities.

    During the mid 1960’s, the tuition at SBHS was $90..00 for the year.
    The rate for 2015 is $8,250.00 plus grad fees if you are a senior.
    This inflation rate may well match the real estate appreciation rate as homes in Westchester were around $25,000 in 1965.

    Although I was not a student at SBHS , I was aware of it’s existence during my years in the area. I have a cousin Nancy Ankofski who was a grad in the class of 1963. I learned of tonight’s reunion from Chris Pingel who will be attending
    the party with his wife Marty. I would love to have been a guest patron at
    this party. But I will wait to hear from Chris as I am anxious to learn all about
    the evening and the folks who attended.

    May God bless.

  22. Kateri,

    Was Hartfield’s also the store to go to for the high waist ” hot pants ‘ ?
    My girlfriend liked to splurge on the pricey ” bebe’ brand. Hot indeed !

    Hope all is well in Scottsdale.

  23. I was the first of three children. Bob, my father, served in the Navy during World War II at which time my mother, Elizabeth and I moved in with her parents. When Bob returned from the war he moved his familly to Los Angeles, then to Westchester, CA. My family lived on 88th PL from circa 1948 to 1966. .

    I attended ST Bernard’s High School, Playa Del Rey, CA where I received a diverse education and participated in the sports of football and track; while becoming a competitive spearfisherman on the Southern Caifornia Coast. I graduated high school in 1961.

    I have fond memories of my years living in Westchester.

  24. Kateri,

    It may be hot in Arizona now, but those Ditto jeans were pretty damn hot too.
    I am thinking you were not a shy girl. Bet you owned a second color as well.

  25. Gary,
    I just did pickup on the corrected email. Thanks for the Newberry info.
    I learned elsewhere that SavOn was famous for selling candy bars for the price of 3 for 10 cents prior to the Saturday matinee at the Loyola.
    ( of course mom would be in the store with kids and spending $20.00 down the perfume aisle. Smart promo aye ? )

    …………. I know Gary worked at Woody’s during his high school years and for a bit afterwards. I followed Gary when I hired in during the summer of 1964.
    I also know that Kateri did not work at Woody’s because Mr. Wood NEVER
    hired young ladies. It was not until many years later that girls were hired in.
    ( after a ownership change )

    So Kateri …….. did you have a part time job in the area while in HS. ?
    After HS, were you off to college or did you remain in the neighborhood working
    at a location we would recognize ?


    • Actually I worked for Bond Cloths, in Westchester, during my High School years at the Will Call desk upstairs and as a salesman during the Christmas season on the main floor Men’s Department. I remember getting good discounts on clothing and ST John’s Bay Rum after shave. Woody’s Smorgasberger was my College part time job.

      • Good morning Gary,
        I stand corrected . I was a frequent patron of Bond Cloths.
        When I see photos of myself from that era, my pants always looked three inches too short. It must have been the in style as other guys in the photos looked the same. Seems so strange now.

  26. Kateri,

    Although Naylors was right in town , Bob’s Big Boy gave the Westchester locals a place to hang without making the constant cruising circuit from the Wich Stand
    to the A&W in Hawthorne. The Big Boy combo was .99 cents.

    • Most of my High School friends all worked at Tiny Naylors and it was a big hang-out for me. I don’t remember why I ended up at Woody’s.

      I meet Biff Naylor (Tiny’s son) at our Westchester ” Best Friend’s Reunion ” in Las Vegas which was held in 2011. ( Pictures of this reunion are on my Facebbook ). Biff now owns DuPars in Farmers Market.Too bad I didn’t know you then we could have meet in Las Vegas and you could have meet and reminisced with my old Westchester friends.

  27. Blame it on the Beatles ……… I now remember the Beatles wore their pants on the short side with the black ankle boots. I guess we picked up on the pants length while forgetting about the boots.

    I would like to use this space to remember Phil Hartman from SNL fame.
    Phil was a student at Orville Wright and Westchester HS as well, graduating in the class of 1966. Phil also worked for Woody’s at the Redondo Beach store.
    We worked together there during 1967 when I was transferred in as a replacement manager. Phil used his John Wayne inflections more often than he used his natural voice. He was living in Encino when he was shot dead by his third wife in 1998. His favorite place for a respite was Catalina Island where he loved being in and on the water. God bless you Phil. Amen .

    Gary, I envy your long lasting relationships with your HS buddies.
    All my HS buddies crossed over to the other side at early ages from diabetes
    and alcoholism. I am glad you are free to move around and keep in touch.

  28. I remember going to downtown Westchester with my friends we used to have lunch at Lum’s on Sepulveda and go shopping at Hatrfields
    Kateri Blackwing
    Scottsdale Arizona

  29. Lum’s claim to fame were hot dogs steamed in beer. I do not recall what other menu items were available to patrons that got tired of dogs.
    A little help on this please………..
    105 degrees for the week ahead in Scottsdale. I now wonder if there are any swamp coolers still in use around town.
    I am sure it is a tad hot in Brea as well. No Playa del Rey breezes there.
    Dublin, Ohio gets 75 degree highs for the coming week. No excuses for avoiding the daily walks now.

    The slogan for the ladies Dittos Jeans was ” Just a touch sexier “. Indeed.
    Wonder if Kateri remembers that.
    Phil in Dublin

  30. I had burst upon this Westchester blog scene three days ago and have enjoyed every word I was able to contribute. On sites such as this, I have to guard against overrunning the site. Sooooo , I will be backing off for awhile so that others have room to offer their comments. I intend to check back often in case I have some interesting additions.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer.
    Phil in Dublin.

    • Hi Phil,
      I also love to go to Gillis Beach with friends and then went to Toes off of Culver Blvd Had lunch at the Sampan Restaurant in that little shopping area
      Scottsdale AZ

  31. Great to have you here, Phil! No need to stay away. I grew up at 6606 W. 81st Street in Kentwood from 1963 to 1975, then I had my own Westchester house at 7900 Reading Avenue from 1991-2000. I miss it very much. I am now in Florida. I remember so many wonderful places there growing up. Many of the places you’ve mentioned I remember well. In the Kentwood area was a little Von’s grocery store. I walked there many a time by myself to pick up something for dinner. I can close my eyes and still see Westchester clearly! Keep in touch…Debra Chandler

  32. For Gary,
    About two years ago now, I believe you and I had a verbal altercation
    regarding the Woody’s Fish Sandwich. You had been going on and on about how you just loved them. So , I played devils advocate by stating the fish items were the most useless offerings on Woody’s menu. Am I right or was that your friend Dick R. ?

    This next issue is a guys thing and perhaps Gary can advise.
    I see there was a large independent toy store in Westchester which I had
    NOT know about. If you were a patron , did this store feature the Dinky Toys
    from England ? They are the smaller scale die cast metal cars/trucks which were about 3″ long. In the 50’s they retailed for .85 cents but all are available on Ebay ( used ) ……… some models costing in the thousands of $$$.
    About eight years ago I used Ebay to repurchase four models I owned in by youth. ( my mom gave them away when I lit out for Boss Angeles. )
    Anyway my personnel collection now numbers 32.

    For Debra,
    Your home on Reading must have been in very close proximity to the Buggy Whip. I bet you could smell those prime rib vapors all evening long.
    The Buggy Whip was my very first ” la de da ” dinner house experience.
    Like so many patrons, I chose the prime rib and loaded baked potato which were also ” firsts” for me. The fancy dinner salad was probably a first also.
    I had relocated to Westchester from Detroit in 1964 ( solo ) , so by the time I had a few bucks in the bank , this dinner may have occurred in 1965.

    Your question about missing Westchester may have been directed to Kateri,
    but I myself will give it a shot the next time I visit here.
    PS for Debra ; does your current Florida spot have concrete block walls in the backyard like your prior Westchester homes ?


    • Phil,

      The name of the toy store was Karl’s Toys and was located behind the Loyola theater in a small shopping area. I don’t remember Dinky Toys as I was into kites and balsa wood gliding airplanes. Other stores located in this area from time to time were Westchester Stationers, a Deli and my barber shop.

      Woody’s Fish Sandwich rule. Remember I was spear fisherman and partial to fish.

      Brea, CA

      • Gary,
        I loved Karl’s I used to get my beads there to make necklaces I got all my doll clothes there I also love to go into Woolworth’s to have lunch I do miss Westchester but I am happy here in Arizona
        Scottsdale AZ

    • I love the Buggy Whip especially the Calamari steak, I also miss going to Lawry’s especially the prime rib, We have different kind of wildlife here in Arizona from Bears to Tarantulas
      Scottsdale Arizona

  33. Yes, Phil my Reading home was near the Buggy Whip and I had many a fine dinner there. I remember going there when I was very young since my dad was in the restaurant world and going to restaurant row on La Cienega. Lawyer’s is one and Madame Wu’s another. I actually workedI at Bob’s Big Boy on Manchester when I was a teenager.

    My homes in Florida have not had any fences! The terrain is so different here. I long for the California desert and the ocean breezes. It has been terribly hot here this summer. I left California to work in Florida and be near my grandparents. They are both gone now and so is the job I moved for back in 1997.

    I live in North Central Florida outside Gainesville. I have rescue horses and dogs and cats, too. There are a lot of bugs here and sometimes I think I have eaten bugs for dinner. lol

    Nice to hear from you!


  34. Hello All,

    I remember Karl’s and Woolworth’s and Newberry’s before that. My mom got her hair done at The Broadway every week. My dad even worked at Bond’s men’s clothes store one Xmas. The kiddie movies at Loyola Theater were awesome. We woudl go to Sav-ons across the street and buy all the candy would could stomach.

    My mom loved the beach. We would feed the ducks at the duckpond every week and then go to the beach. It was awesome. My dad didn’t like sand in his sandwiches, so he stayed home.

    Here in Florida life is different, but good. I love the wildlife here. I do not miss the traffic, smog or violence of Los Angeles. I will always have fond memories of Westchester and the small town feel under the Hollywood sign.

    Debra (DJ) Chandler

  35. Ah, for the days of life in Westchester, California ………
    This will be my ” 2 cents ” response to Debra’s question.
    I would think 100% of us would say that Westchester is missed a lot.
    The weather is beautiful , with close proximity to the Pacific, the airport and Marina del Rey. Once out of high school there was an unmatched selection of higher education venues. There was Loyola and Otis in our own backyards with
    SMCC , El Camino , UCLA , USC and the West LA college all nearby.
    How fortunate were the kids who could walk or ride a bike to Loyola.

    Westchester was all ” middle class ” with no pretentions to be otherwise.
    The folks up the hill in Playa del Rey were the same as well. All wonderful friends and neighbors
    The shopping district was fabulous and convenient ……. plus the high school girls could / would walk around town in their bikinis all summer long.

    What is just as important as the attributes listed above is the time frame
    in which we shared. We were all moving about Westchester while in our
    ” Age of Discovery “. All the new discoveries, especially after graduation.

    There were the first jobs, first loves , first sex, first drugs and the first decisions on the issue of college or not. Everyone’s hormones were racing about like the new Ford Mustangs. The Beatles and Rolling Stones were with us to stay and
    we had the new 8 track players to prove it.

    I guess you can tell that yes, I do miss Westchester AND the time frame
    I was there amongst all of you guys and gals. At age 70, the only discoveries I make now are the newest pains in my lower back.
    Could we go back ? Probably not. If I was to relocate to California, I think I would go farther north to Cambria or Morro Bay.
    ( but very skeptical since seeing the movie ” San Andreas “. )

    Phil Ankofski

  36. Debra,
    Thanks so much for the overview of your life in Florida. Well done !.
    Bugs for dinner ? Yyykes ! I had to smile.
    My uncle was stationed in Florida during WWII so whenever we were about to leave for a vacation there, he would always warn us about the HUGE swarms of bugs. Well , during our countless trips throughout Florida over the years, we have never been bothered by one single bug. I don’t even remember seeing one !
    What the hell ???

    Debra … would you know who operates and monitors this site ?
    I would like to contact them and express my appreciation.


  37. This time of the year in Westchester I would be preparing to go back to SBHS. My last few weeks of summer would be used playing volleyball at Playa Del Rey beach, getting in a few days of spear fishing in Palos Verdes and preparing for pre-season football practice. Those were the carefree days.

  38. ~ SEP PULL VEE DA ~

    This is how I was pronouncing Sepulveda when I first arrived in Westchester.
    My cousin Nancy thought it to be hilarious and teases me about it to this day.

  39. For Debra,
    Great job here Debra. Thank you for your attention and care for us.
    I will try to garner new patrons for you.

    I see we have two additional names for you; DJ and Sagehorse.
    Of the three, which do you prefer ?


    • Which beach did your mom frequent ? I to spent a lot of time at the beach, Playa Del Rey, and loved it. In my 20’s ( Circa 1964) I moved to Manahttan Beach, very close to the beach, and lived there for a few years.

      I too love wild life. The only ducks I remember near Westchester where in a pong in Playa Del Rey.

      I might have worked with your dad at bonds. I work at Christmas time as a clothing salesmen. What an experience.

      Please share with us all the places and things you can think of.about Westchester. If you mention something I remember I will expound on it if I can.

  40. Phil,

    I remember the Carolina Pines to be a bowling alley. However, I read up on it and it was a night club later on.

    Did you ever frequent Mother’s in Inglewood or Cisco’s and Poncho’s in Manhattan Beach. These were popular clubs in the ’60’s.

    Perhaps there is someone out there on the Blog that remembers these clubs.


    • ” You’ve lost that loving feeling ” …….. Yes, The Carolina Pines was probably best known for it’s bowling alleys, which I never patronized.
      However, I was a very big fan of it’s attached night club venue.
      The club was separated into two sections, the one on the left for patrons over 21
      with the section on the right for 18 to 21 year olds.
      The left side of course was being served alcoholic drinks.

      The Righteous Brothers would appear in person perhaps once a month during 1965 for a one dollar admission fee. They would lip sync to 4 or 5 songs
      and everyone was thrilled. After their performance , I guess there was dancing to other current songs played by a DJ.

      Cisco’s and Poncho’s does sound familiar, but I cannot tell you what their claim to fame was. I do remember the Oar House very, very well.
      The Oar House had mostly standing room around the dance floor and bar.
      This format forced the male and female patrons into a very close proximity
      which resulted in a night of non stop ” grab ass. ”
      ( like the NY subways. ) And yes, the girls loved it as much as the guys.
      Perhaps more. When leaving the joint, and walking in the parking lot to our car,
      one could hear girls in the lot exclaiming to each other, how many times they were grabbed.
      Such fun ! Such memories !!!!!

      Dublin, Ohio

      • I used to go to Carolina West back in the 70’s the band Gino Dente and the family played all the Disco hits what great memories. the Century Lounge got busted for prostitution a number of times
        Kateri Blackwing
        Scottsdale, AZ

      • Phil,

        The Oar House in Santa Monica was as you describe it. The atmosphere was conducive to the beer drinking that went on. I remember the sawdust on the floor mixed with peanut shells from he peanut shoot that came down.

        Another classic beer bar was The Pitcher House in Hermosa Beach.

        I spent many an exciting evening in both places.


  41. Perhaps a little boring, but important; The El Dorado bowl was / is on Lincoln just south of Manchester. ( Between the demolished Airport Marina Hotel and the current Otis school ).
    This bowling alley featured a small diner which I patronized an awful lot.
    While renting a furnished room on Fordham ( next to Loyola ) I did have kitchen privileges in the home, but found it much more to my liking to eat out.
    The diner offered a complete breakfast for $1.25 ; Two eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast
    and coffee. Later in the day, I had one or two free meals at Woody’s SmorgasBurger in Culver City where I worked full time on the line. If I needed a late night meal after working the closing shift, Johnnies Pastrami was still open and fit the bill with perfection.
    Phil Ankofski

  42. A note for DJ @ sagehorse;
    I noticed your short posting regarding a future book about Westchester,
    I just want to inform you and others too, that there are four separate books available
    about Westchester, Playa del Rey and LAX/ Westchester.
    All four books are by the same author ; David Dukesherer .
    They are available thru Amazon for around twenty plus dollars.
    Over the years, I have sent them as gifts.
    To check Amazon, type in : Westchester / Playa del Rey , California

    • Yes. Thank you!

      The book I am thinking of co-creating with all of you would be different and more of an anthology of narratives with photos!

      Hope you’re interested!

      • I would love to read them I have a lot of fond memories of Westchester especially the block parties we used to have on our street my late dad used to get so hammered he had to be wheeled down the street in Chaise Lounge

    • Phil,

      Which book about Westchester would represent the time I lived there best, between the years 1948 to 1966.

      I value your opinion.



  43. A much earlier commenter here on one of DJ’s sites had posted a ” heads up ” regarding a fabulous site which features aerial views of just about anywhere.
    For example , you can punch in an address for Westchester and see a ” birds eye” view
    from 2011 but then here is the fabulous part ; you can then select an older date , say from
    1950 and then an overlay will appear showing how that exact area looked in 1950.
    Here is the site ;

    It looks like there are other sites that feature similar overviews. Boy, am I going to be
    having fun for the month of September.
    I am posting this info in case other readers here may have overlooked the original posting.
    Do yourselves a big favor and look into this ASAP.

    Phil Ankofski

  44. Happy Birthday Gary Wilcut ! From one old Westchester resident to another.
    If I lived in your area I would love to treat you to a hot dog at the new joint in town.
    It might be called ” Cap’s Dogs “. Anyway, the photos look great.

    Another birthday idea would be a trip into Westchester with a stop at Johnnies !
    I sure would love to do that on my birthday.

    Is 72 the right number ?
    Phil A.

  45. Westchester will
    Always be home to me and my wife. Her mother still lives on Kenyon behind the old
    Fire station. Her mom is getting older now and doesn’t get out as much. We spend many of the holidays at the house where I met my wife Tammy Long Gordon. I still look at the pictures of all of here siblings and us growing up here and gives me such a warm since of community of simpler times.

    I read all of the posts and each one gives me a great feeling

    I still work in the area now and then as a mechanical contractor and see the changes bit sad but it is just life. Nothing can stay the same

    To all of you that authored these posts, thank you for keeping the memories alive to cherish.

    As I have told many a person, there is something about this small community that is magical and not able to duplicate.

    I left Westchester in 1988 and moved to Santa Clarita. It to was very much like Westchester but without any personal experience to the area.

    Our children both were born and raised here and they now have their own Westchester. They have both grown to be adults. My son owns a house in Santa Clarita. He and is wife now are going to have children and continue there life here in Santa Clarita. My daughter live in Ventura with her husband to be. My wife and I have moved on to Acton to a Ranch preparing for grandchildren

    You are all reading this and wondering why this idiot is telling his life story. The point to take away from this is where ever you grow up you will always gravitate back to your childhood. Each time you visit it brings you back to that special place in time. When I visit the area I remember what used to be there not what is there.. I can smell the sea air hear the planes. Look at the trees. All things that make me that young child again.

    Thanks for the memories Wechester

    John Gordon

    By the way. Hail Hail Hail SBHS. Class of 79

  46. My five favorite ” W “s : Wine , Women , Water ( the Pacific ) Woody’s and Westchester.
    I have returned here to ask this group for some help. In the mid 60’s I seem to recall a very popular drive in burger joint in Hawthorne on Hawthorne Blvd. ” HARVEYS ”
    Everyone talks about the A & W with the long lines to get in the lot on weekend nights.
    But this was Harvey’s or Harvey’s Broiler. Yes, I am aware of the Harvey’s Broiler in Downey which is yet preserved as a Bobs Big Boy.

    The Hawthorne Harvey’s also had an hour long line to get into the lot. But that did not mean you would be lucky enough to find an open spot. Some time ago I asked for help on this issue from the guys who comment on the Woody’s SmorgasBurger sites but no one responded. Is there anyone here who actually was a patron of the HAWTHORNE HARVEY’S ?
    Phil Ankofski ~ Westchester / Plata del Rey ~ 1964 thru 1971

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