Let’s publish something about Westchester and del Rey and our memories.

If you were living in or around Westchester, Playa del Rey, and going to any school, private or public, there sometime during the 1960s and 1970s, this is the place for you! Please email Sagehorse at, if interested.

We could have our stories and memories with pictures, all digitized, and self-publish on or somewhere similar. There would not be a profit because we would just charge whatever it costs to publish.

Recently the class of 1975 Westchester High School (Los Angeles, 90045) has their 40th reunion and St. Bernard’s Catholic school had their 5oth. Anyone attend?

All are welcome here.

Soon, there will be a twitter account….



12 thoughts on “Publishing

  1. I want to thank all the cool folks from Westchester who have posted on this website. I want to thank Don-O for making the video about Westchester. It is a place that we all miss. I stayed in the Westchester area until 1997. I sold my home on Reading Avenue in 2000. It may have been the biggest mistake of my life, but then again, all mistakes lead to somewhere else.

    My somewhere else is a lot better now then it was when I first found Lisa Smith and the rest of my cohort on Facebook over a year ago. I want to thank all of you for making me feel like I was part of something when I really needed it.

    I love you Westchester and the class of ’75.

  2. Thanks for the photo taken from the dune area of the Ballona Wetlands. The bench you see on the right is at “Mary’s Corner.” It has a small pedestal next to it dedicating it to Mary Thomson, mother of the Ballona Dune Restoration. We will always miss her.

  3. The Capo family (Ralph “Butch”, Gary & Richard) moved to El Segundo in roughly 1961. The three of us graduated ESHS (67′, 68′ & 74). I/we started surfing D&W (Dock Weiler) at age 13 along with “Fred” the Lifeguard. The last time I remember surfing D&W was about the mid 80s’. We surfed with everyone known to anyone at D&W including Dewey Weber, Jerry Booth, Greg Noll, Shaun Thompson, Pat & Mike Stephans, Joey Thomas, Mike Beebe, Bobby Hawthorne, Chris Slyckenmeyer, Bobby Gordon (his Mom owned the Gordon Sand Company), Ray Laine (original drummer with the Turtles), Mike Tylee, Roger Erickson, Pat Rawson, Hogan Gamage and, the list goes on and on. My brother Gary went on to produce and direct the surfing documentary “Many Classic Moments.” We even surfed Ballona Creek before the breakwater was built at Marina del Rey. The wave started breaking at the mouth of the jetties and broke all the way to the foot bridge. You want knowledge and pictures, I’ve got it. Ralph “Butch” Capo

  4. my name is nedly, I surfed and partied with jerry booth , he was a great surfer and a good friend, he taught me how take off on the right side of the jetty and ride into the creek, a hairy ride it would suck out right in front of the jetty ,one big tube with know escape no choking there. anyway im sorry to hear jerry and the overlin bros.have passed on they where my surfing heros,

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