LAX is a huge part of Westchester, whether it be the noise, the employment opportunities or just that is (and always was) super cool as a hang out spot.


2 thoughts on “Airport

  1. We lived on 87th Street off of Emerson when I was growing up in the early 70’s. The north runway for LAX was RIGHT there. Lincoln Bl didn’t wind that way back then, and we could go right up to the boundary of the airport and watch the planes. They tore the houses out there in ’75 and created Westchester Parkway. The big tree that was in our front yard is still there behind the new fire department.

  2. I lived on 85th St and Alverstone between 71 and 74, aged 8-11. My best friend’s dad ran the Host services at LAX. At the time, they were THE provider of all the food and beverages for all the airlines. He had an office in the theme building. [Needless to say, their garage was always full of alcohol, but I digress. . . .] In the summer, my friend and I would ride our bikes to the airport and visit his dad for lunch. When we weren’t having lunch with his dad, we would kind of invade the rest of the airport. I mean, we knew that airport like the back of our hands. The most fun, and impossible today, was rocketing through passengers on our bikes as they milled around outside the terminals. High speed and dangerous. I gained many biking skills dodging people like that on my 10-speed. Never a collision, thank God! And I seem to remember a storm drain at the end of Kentwood or Emerson that went under Lincoln and came out on the airport side of things. But I never had the guts to journey through that black hole! Good times.

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