Can’t say enough about how great it was to smell the ocean breeze every freakin’ day. Although there are prettier and cleaner beaches, even in Southern California, there will never be any beaches more dear to us who grew up in or next door to Playa del Rey!



11 thoughts on “Beaches

  1. WOW what memories PDR,TOES,Balona Crk,The Shack,The Pond and The Wetlands..
    All Gone now, I learned to surf in B.Creek,Smoke down in the wetlands,drink at TOES w/the guys from LMM.
    My parents are gone now and the house sold but we always drive by on our way to the Airport. What a change..And the water is so bad we wouldnt dare take the kids in it now.

    • Oh yeah, love the beach. Walked there everyday too. And how about hanging out at Dales Market and the donut shop on Manchester. The best part were the stables – I used to volunteer to clean the stables just to ride somebody’s horse! along the creek!!

      • Yes! I do remember the stables. I don’t remember riding a horse there. But I do remember getting grooming lessons there. What was the name of it? It is on the tip of my tongue!

      • Dale’s Market and all the candy you could buy for 50 cents!! Giant pixie stix, lik-m-aid, watermelon rope bubble gum, my gosh! We were trippin on sugar. And Winchell’s Donuts, at the other end of the strip!! That was the place to be, to meet people, get a chocolate donut or apple fritter. Fond memories. Bob’s Big Boy…loved their burgers. My dog got stolen from in front of Bob’s one day; I was heartbroken. Used to by clothes from Loi’s, and get awesome sandwiches from the deli (what was the name of that deli??) I lived 1/2 block from Winchell’s, at 8315 Manchester, and my best friend, Kelly English, lived a little further on, right at the top of the hill before you got to Del Rey Liquor. We wandered all over Del Rey. I loved living there.

  2. The beach memories I have were few but good ones. Although there were multiple beaches to go to, Toe’s was the place for me. The first memory being a summer playground “field trip” sponsored by, I think, Westport Heights. I was about 7 or 8 and it being overcast. Digging up the little black crabs that seemed to come in with each wave and quickly burying themselves in the wet sand of the beach. The next memory of a weekend trip to Toe’s with my brothers and friends. We all got a little sunburned and peeled for the better part of a week afterward. The last memory was ditching school and going to Toe’s so many Friday’s during my senior year, I can’t remember when I was in school on a Friday during that time in my life.

    All in all, good memories about the greatest beach of all time……..TOE’S !!!!!

    Oh, and one more memory, Toe’s had the best sunsets and I’ve got the photos to prove it. Take Care


  3. I remember hanging out at Toes in the 70’s I had 71 Ford Maverick used to park it on the street love the water and watch the planes take off from LAX

  4. I lived in “The Jungle” area of Playa Del Rey in the 1960’s at 101 Fowler. I have many good memories of my three brothers and I playing at the beach and throughout the marshes. The last memory I have is not a good one. My brothers had crossed the busy Vista Del Mar to climb the sand hill. They met friends or a friend and started working on making a cave. My brothers came home but I remember that a boy (or boys) stayed behind continuing playing in the cave, which tragically caved in on him (them?). I have a vague memory of a missing boy, who ended being found… I keep trying to find an article about it but have not been successful. I just want to know if it is true. I was in elementary school and so were my brothers. It was in the early 1960s. 1962-1965? Does anyone know about this or what papers I could research?

    • Hi Debbie, I do remember that in the mid-late 1960s a young boy died in the area you mentioned. He and several others were playing on the site of a demolished house in the Surfridge area of Playa del Rey, where the airport was buying and removing homes to create a noise buffer zone. The house was gone, but there were several retaining walls still there, and one of them collapsed on him. The home removals in Surfridge started in 1965, so this would have been around that time. After he was killed, residents in the adjacent neighborhoods lobbied to have the vacant streets fenced off so that children (and teenagers, vagrants, troublemakers, etc.) couldn’t get in there. Is that what you are thinking of?

  5. I remember an incident very similar to what you describe, around that exact time frame. I was maybe 6-7 years old but recall a boy had died in a cave that was being dug across the street from my house in an empty lot. It happened on the 200 block of Sterry Street, just up the street from the Oasis, which would be a little farther south from the Jungle. I remember his name was Brian Bennett.

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